Edward Flack

“Booted out of sixth form as he was getting nowhere with his A-levels, Eddie Flack felt lost with no clue what he should do” - Daily Mirror 2019


He first came across the Digital Skills Project in 2017 when he participated while at Barking & Dagenham College. Following a difficult experience at school, he quickly took to the work experience and thrived on real-world challenges.

Acknowledging that it was a struggle to study whilst living at home with parents, he also worked full-time in a pub, but he was still able to complete various Digital projects and participated in the World Skills Competition (ERASMUS) in Prague, including attending conferences.

Edward received offers from four Universities, but he decided to do a Degree Apprenticeship with Ford, becoming a Software Engineer and completing his apprenticeship with a First-Class Honours degree. In 2024, he embarked on a new adventure - to complete his Masters Degree through Oxford University!

As a two-time Digital Skills Project award winner, Edward continues to participate as a judge and a mentor to new students. He believes that the project is an amazing opportunity, enabling students to build networks and gain experiences that look good on a CV.

“It definitely helps when trying to get that first job in your chosen career, giving you an edge compared to everyone else”.

Edward Flack