We boast a formidable track record in promoting Digital Technology career opportunities for students (16-19).

Our consultants have operated in this sector for over twenty-five years. Julia von Klonowski has advised Department for Education (DfE) panels, including both Apprenticeships and T-Levels, as well as the House of Lords and sits as a Governor on various FE College groups and Institutes of Technology (IoT). She is acknowledged to be an expert in the field of Digital Skills.

Digital Skills Consulting has long-established relationships with Business, where there is a real need to engage with the Education sector – generating a pipeline of talented, well-trained and experienced young individuals.

We specialise in developing Digital Projects that combine Business, IoTs/FE Colleges, Charities and other stakeholders, to provide students with real-world challenges and experience. We also develop & deliver specialist Workshops, covering a range of DigiTech topics, and we facilitate Presentations & events featuring a range of experts who inspire young people to consider careers in a variety of fields they may not have previously considered. We work with various charities to provide Community Outreach programmes.

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