Olufemi Davis

Femi moved to the UK from Nigeria at the age of 16, after completing secondary school. He was too young to start at University, so continued his studies at Birmingham Metropolitan College, which he feels really prepared him for University.

A few months into his course he almost had to leave, however with help from the college he was able to continue and participated in the Digital Skills Project before finishing his Diploma - and the lessons and skills he learnt during the project have stayed with him.

Femi participated in 2019, where students were asked to develop a Digital solution that would engage young students with Comic Relief (what the charity does) and encourage them to become actively engaged in a social purpose.

His team created an App that scans a ‘virtual handprint’ - images which were placed around a city, each handprint revealing a quest to be completed. He saw firsthand how a practical application of technology can improve lives.

Femi went on to complete an internship as a Web Developer in Germany, then studied Music, Sound and Technology at City University of London and has been interned to Deutsche Bank (Spring into Banking Rise Insight Programme) and Westminster ‘Working Cultures’ in Mumbai.

Olufemi Davis