City Of London Police Event

Fifty local college students took part in an interactive youth engagement event last week, where they were given an insight into policing from colleagues across the force.

A photograph of a police officer addressing a group of college students

T/Commissioner Pete O’Doherty joined the event, which was organised by Local Policing, to judge the students’ presentations on what they’d learnt.

The purpose of the event was to capture the students’ opinions on policing and potentially change their perspectives.

Overall, the feedback was positive with some students even considering a career in policing.

Many students also better understood the pressure officers face when making split second decisions and felt inspired by officers’ personal stories. This helped some of the students view policing more positively.

T/Commissioner O’Doherty said:

“It was a privilege to speak to the young people and get an insight on their thoughts and views of police officers and policing in London and it was fantastic to get such positive feedback on the day.

“I’m pleased that students took a lot of learning away from this which included thinking critically before they make judgements, that their voices are important and that their actions and views can help to build a kinder and community focused society.”

The event was planned by Local Policing and consisted of four ‘stations’.

Ch Insp Rob Bell led the first station which demonstrated the role of an armed response vehicle (ARV) officer. Students were involved in several video-based scenarios and tested on when they would or wouldn’t shoot during a live event. This generated lively and honest discussions whilst highlighting the pressures ARV officers face.

A photograph of a police officer addressing a group of college students

PC Dave Jarvis, from the Tactical Firearms Group, and PC Liam Masterson led the second station where students learnt how to deal with catastrophic bleeds during first aid training.

The third station saw students hear inspiring stories from A/Insp Kate Langtry, of Support Group and PC Chinedu Anadi, of Response, on their journeys into policing.

At the final station, the Cyber Crime team – Insp Charlie Morrison, DC Simon Ardeman and PC Matthew Eccles – held an interactive workshop highlighting the risks of the digital world.

Supt Bill Duffy said:

“Holding this youth engagement day was incredibly important and inspiring to us, as it helps to break down barriers, build positive relationships and give young people an insight into policing. I want to thank Amy Wright for the extensive planning that went into the planning of the day.

“I want to thank the speakers for giving their time and taking part in this event, including Chief Insp Rob Bell, PC Dave Jarvis, Liam Masterson, A/Insp Kate Langtry, PC Chinedu Anadi and Supt Sarah Dobinson.

“Finally, thank you to the group guardians who were PC Tamsin Reed, PC Manpreet (Micky) Singh Callo, PC Ioana Rotaru, PC Willam Field, PC Manjit Kambo, PC Carolne Fisk, PC Matthew Clapham, Insp Kerry Goodwin and Sgt Claire Geldart.”