Artificial Intelligence (AI) Workshops

A chinese dragon chasing a child
By the end of 2023, technological advances had reached the point where students were very clear in their desire to learn more about ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI).

We developed an AI Workshop where students are treated to a journey through the history of AI, what it means in terms of basic use, more complex use and its place in developing creative, video, website and smartphone applications.

In addition to the historical background, students participate in interactive sessions, looking at AI in the context of popular culture, use in Art & Creative industries, chatbots & virtual assistants, Ethics in AI, the impact of bias (e.g. showing how a preponderance of male coders results in biased outcomes, such as displaying male-oriented heart attack symptoms to a female user), and industry trends.

The AI Workshop has also been delivered to corporate stakeholders, whose ‘business’ members of staff have found it particularly useful.