Branding & Creative Workshops

In 2024, Michael Klonowski designed and delivered a series of Workshops focused on ‘Branding’ and ‘Social Media’. These were so well received that in future they will be delivered in two parts – Branding, Marketing & Communications and Linked-In & Social Media.

Students benefit from deeper understanding of branding (both personal – their own ‘brand’, as well as professional – in terms of the ‘business’ of DigiTech), but also Marketing & Communications. We also cover the more creative elements, which they will use to develop their DigiTech submissions.

In addition, during the project, Digital & Business students need to work alongside Creative & Media students (as they will in the real world), so both sides benefit from understanding the issues facing colleagues.

Workshops also introduce professional creative mentors (e.g. artists, designers, scriptwriters, AI specialists, Advertising Agencies, etc.), who present to, and work alongside the students. This takes forward the model initially launched through The CyberHub Trust’s Creative Challenge.

From 2025, the Digital Skills project will include an Award for Best Brand/Creative Execution.

The CyberHub Trust Creative Challenge 2023