Project Management Workshops

PM flowchart
Since the beginning of the Digital Skills Project, the very first activities presented by Julia von Klonowski have always provided a basic understanding of how professional Project Managers design, stand-up, manage and oversee projects in the world of business.

This ranges from basic PID (Project Initiation Documentation), Project Plans, Budgeting, Staff Management and basic communications (e.g. email), to running Project Meetings and engaging in Internal/External Project Communications.

These Workshops will often include professional Project Managers, who engage with the students, sometimes posing challenges, or sharing their experiences in running professional projects.

A particularly poignant workshop in 2024 was delivered by a Project Manager from Fujitsu, a company caught-up in the very high-profile Post Office scandal (directly after the ITV drama), which provided students with a very personal insight into how such a large corporate ‘failure’ can impact innocent people who may work for a company but have nothing to do with issues in the public eye.