Social Media & Networking Workshops

Linked In logo

One of the key aspects of the Digital Skills Project have always been introducing students to Social Media in a business context. Most students will be familiar with TikTok, Instagram or Snapchat, but we introduce them to Linked-In, which is the primary medium used by recruiters and businesses to ‘vet’ prospective employees.

We also cover Social Media more generally – and students are introduced to the pitfalls and opportunities of Social Media (e.g. ‘oversharing’ resulting in career disasters, alongside realistic potential careers as ‘influencers’).

Students will be walked through the process of registering their Linked-In profiles and encouraged to network, not only with their fellow students, but with the students from other colleges (usually after meeting each other at the Final), but almost more importantly with the business representatives, sponsors, designers, presenters and other contacts they make during the Project.

Many of our existing Alumni have benefited from their Social Networking, including being selected for Degree Apprenticeship interviews and even job offers (based of their profiles).