The Alan Livett Award

Alan was Julia’s friend and someone she worked closely with for over seven years.
He was a colleague and an inspiration – one of the most important role models in her life.

Alan Livett Alan was kind, considerate and as a true gentleman would generate calm and find solutions to difficult situations. He was positive, not loud in his opinions, but able to express them with knowledge & consideration, whilst always listening to other people’s views and ideas. He was a beloved, respected teacher and Deputy Headmaster, and he demonstrated refined leadership skills.

Everybody who knew Alan was devastated when news broke that he had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND). He always maintained his dignity, living each day to its fullest and, despite his illness, managed to see his daughter get married, held & played with his first grandchild, and even danced (in his wheelchair) at his own 60th birthday party, until the last guest had gone home.

He had not been expected to experience any of this, but he squeezed every little drop of experience out of every single event, showing everyone what life is really all about – and how we should grab every opportunity with both hands and enjoy every moment.

The annual Alan Livett Award acknowledges the student who exhibits the same characteristics of strength, resilience, good humour and perseverance against all difficulties, as well as the ability to work in a team and show enthusiasm in the face of difficulties.

Since its launch, the Alan Livett Award has been awarded to:
2024 – Amber McFayden (Hugh Baird College, Liverpool)
2023 – Hannah Keown (Hugh Baird College, Liverpool)
2022 – Taylor Swapp (Birmingham Metropolitan College)
2021 – Lehel Nagy (Birmingham Metropolitan College)
2020 – Not awarded due to Covid
2019 – Oliver Crew (Barking & Dagenham College)